In maintaining the integrity and fairness of Challenge, we adopt a strong stance against cheating. It is paramount to us that every user experiences a level playing field, encouraging healthy competition and promoting skill development. Consequently, we employ a robust mechanism to detect, mitigate, and eliminate cheating.

If you suspect that a user is cheating, we appreciate your proactive approach in reporting it to us. Your keen eyes and commitment to fair play are what keep Challenge thriving.

What to Do When You Spot a Cheater

  1. Identify: Keep in mind that not all instances of exceptional performance or strange behaviour indicate cheating. It's crucial to discern between a highly skilled player and a cheater.

  2. Report: If you are convinced that a player is indeed cheating, navigate to the user's profile and select the 'report' button. It is crucial to provide as much detail as possible to help us investigate and act swiftly.

  3. Wait: Once a report is submitted, it will be handled by our Anti-Cheat Team, a group of trained professionals dedicated to maintaining fair play. They will scrutinize the reported account, corroborate your findings, and take appropriate action.

Our Anti-Cheat System

At Challenge, we take great pride in the proprietary anti-cheat system embedded within all our original games. We fully control and constantly upgrade this system, designed to promptly detect any attempts at cheating. This system employs advanced algorithms and AI techniques, assuring an advanced level of cheat detection and prevention.

Our Anti-Cheat System is continually refined and updated to adapt to new cheating methods that may arise. By proactively staying ahead of cheaters, we ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all users.

Through your vigilance and our technology, we work together to keep Challenge a space where skill, strategy, and sportsmanship are rewarded. Your commitment to fair play enables us to continuously enhance our platform, and for that, we thank you. Together, let's keep Challenge cheat-free!

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