Associated challenges and risks

It is the responsibility of any purchaser of $CHALLENGE.GG to inform themselves of, and to observe and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. Prospective purchasers for any $CHALLENGE.GG shall be expected to consider the risk factors identified in this section. If any of the indicated risks were to materialize, then they could have a negative impact on the Issuer’s finances and operational performance which can hinder the ability of the Issuer to fulfil its obligations under this whitepaper.

The challenges and risks are identified by the board of administration of the Issuer as at the date of registration of this whitepaper. This does not exclude the possibility of there being other risk threats and the purchaser must be aware that the impact on the Issuer may be heightened due to a combination of several risks materializing simultaneously.

One of the main challenges in the project is the rate of adoption of the community of players to start play matches and games from original games, which will be a key point behind the demand generation of $CHALLENGE.GG. As such, we are focused in developing a strong, multi-platform product that can spread massively by offering alot of options to games and create contest that are fun and rewarding. We are therefore developing strong connection with game studios in different genres to provide the best product and invetory. We believe the rate of adoption and learning curve will be steeper with more options for our community. The project success rate will be dependent upon the priority and preference of consumers and its ability to swiftly anticipate, identify and capitalise upon these priorities and preferences.

The Issuer operates in an emerging and disruptive industry that is under rapid and dynamic development. This includes, but is not limited to, the developments relating to the business itself, the underlying technology, and the regulatory and legal implications thereof. Specifically, in relation to public knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies, such distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts and other innovative technology arrangements, are still limited as at the date of registration of this whitepaper. The risks arising out of such may not be fully comprehended as of yet and new additional risks may arise in the future.

As the Issuer’s undertaking is reliant on the continuous and proper functioning of its technology infrastructure, the Issuer is subject to a variety of risks relating to the proper maintenance thereof. These risks include, but are not limited to, cyber-attacks, data theft or other unauthorised use of data, and other malicious interferences. Certain parts of the infrastructure may be outsourced to third parties. In such cases, the Issuer is reliant upon technology arrangements developed by such third parties for the running of its undertaking, and it is exposed to the risk of failures in such technology arrangements.

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