Challenge Token Airdrop Alert!

Get ready for an exciting opportunity to earn Challenge Tokens! We're thrilled to announce our airdrop campaign where we're distributing a total of 5,000,000 Challenge Tokens to our community members.

How to Participate:

  • 1.Visit the Challenge Airdrop Website: Head over to our dedicated airdrop website to get started on your journey to earning Challenge Tokens.

  • 2.Create Your Account: Connect your wallet for an account on the airdrop page to begin your participation.

  • 3.Complete Account Verification: Verify your account to ensure eligibility for the airdrop.

  • 4.Hold at Least 0.001 ETH: To qualify for the campaign, you must hold a minimum of 0.001 ETH in your wallet on ethereum mainnet.

  • 5.Earn Points for Rewards: Starting from March 27th, 2024, participants will earn challenge tokens based on their activity. The more points accumulated, the higher the Challenge Token rewards.

  • 6.Participation: Participants will receive the airdrop through the Thirdweb airdrop contract to obtain the rewards.

Airdrop Details:

  • Total Token Allocation: 5,000,000 Challenge Tokens

  • Campaign Duration: The campaign will run until April 25, 2024, 00:00 am (GMT).

  • Reward Distribution: The rewards will be distributed to the winners by 7th may, 2024.

  • Minimum ETH Holding Requirement: Participants must hold at least 0.001 ETH to be eligible at the 6th May 2024 in your connected wallet on ethereum mainnet.

  • Refer a friend to the Airdrop: A maximum of 10 invites per referral link. To receive the rewards, the referred person must complete all tasks.

  • Airdrop System: The airdrop system will verify that all tasks are completed and users are legitimate before announcing the winner.

Breaching policies, using bots, or not being a real user will result in instant disqualification from the airdrop allocation.

Find Out More:

Stay tuned on our social media channels, including Discord and Telegram, where you'll find updates, winner announcements, and more!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our community and earn Challenge Tokens. Get started now and seize the rewards!

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