Managing Your Winnings

Receiving Your Winnings

Every time you achieve a victory within our gaming platform, rewards are processed automatically and promptly deposited into your Web3 wallet. The transaction of rewards is governed by our self-executing smart contracts which ensure a swift, seamless, and secure transfer of your earnings.

The rewards are always disbursed in the currency designated for the specific tournament you participate in. The details, including the percentage of winnings, are transparently presented to you prior to the start of your gaming experience. This ensures a fair and transparent reward system, allowing you to make informed decisions before joining any tournament.

Integration with Decentralization

Our platform utilizes the power of blockchain technology to provide a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Our smart contracts lie at the heart of this process, not only guaranteeing automatic payout of rewards but also contributing to a fully decentralized, fair, and immutable system. This means that our contracts are independently verifiable and free from any central point of control, thereby providing a fair and secure environment for all gamers.

Converting Your $CHALLENGE.GG Coins

Should you wish to convert your winnings in the form of $CHALLENGE.GG coins into another currency, we provide a convenient and straightforward mechanism for this within our app. With a few simple clicks, you can convert your coins to a currency of your choice.

Alternatively, you can also exchange your $CHALLENGE.GG coins on any cryptocurrency exchange where our token is listed. This provides you with the flexibility to manage your winnings as per your preference and financial strategy.

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