Engaging Audiences through Competitive Play

Streamers are key influencers in the gaming world. On, they have the unique opportunity to host tournaments, transforming their role from entertainers to interactive community leaders.


  1. Viewer Integration: By organizing competitive events, streamers can involve their viewers directly in their content. This interaction deepens viewer loyalty and enhances the community experience.

  2. Content Diversification: Hosting tournaments offers a dimension to a streamer's channel, adding excitement and variety to their existing content lineup.

Supporting Streamers in Tournament Hosting

  • Campaigns for Streamers: We will launch targeted campaigns to support streamers who organize their own tournaments on These campaigns will focus on promoting the streamer's event, enhancing visibility and participation.

  • Innovative Content Creation: Encouraging streamers to try new games on as part of their tournaments will provide fresh content. This approach not only keeps their channels dynamic but also introduces their audience to new gaming experiences.

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