🔸Stage 1: Establishing Foundation and Awareness

Objective: Create a online presence and cultivate a dedicated community.

  • Launch of Digital Platforms: We will develop a website and engage on key social media platforms to connect with our audience.

  • Content Strategy Implementation: A series of informative blog posts and regular social media updates will be initiated, highlighting the distinct features of our blockchain gaming project.

  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Platform like Discord will be established for direct interaction with the project team and early community members.

🔸Stage 2: Enhancing Engagement and Building Partnerships

Objective: Brand visibility and form strategic collaborations.

  • Influencer Collaborations: Partnership with key influencers in the gaming and cryptocurrency sectors will be pursued for content creation and live streaming.

  • Announcement of Strategic Partnerships: We will publicly announce partnerships with gaming clans and other blockchain projects, with a focus on collaborative tournaments and events.

  • Educational Outreach: The project will produce and disseminate explainer videos and articles to elucidate the integration of blockchain technology in gaming.

🔸Stage 3: Building Pre-Launch Momentum and Community Support

Objective: Foster anticipation for the project launch and reinforce community support.

  • Beta Testing and Gathering Community Feedback: We will actively engage the community in beta testing, utilizing their insights for project enhancements.

  • Elevating Marketing Efforts: Marketing activities will be intensified across all channels, underscoring the unique attributes and advantages of the project.

  • Announcement of Tournament Schedule: A schedule for forthcoming tournaments will be released, encouraging early participation and excitement.

  • Launch Countdown Initiative: A countdown to the project launch will be implemented, spotlighting the innovative elements and prospective impact of the project.

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